Walnut/Maple Double Deck Box

Walnut/Maple Double Deck Box

from 59.99

The ultimate choice for protecting your deck! The fusion of walnut and maple together create a color pattern that is absolutely beautiful. If you want something that will truly shine at your next game then look no further. 

Our double deck box is capable of holding up to 120 cards. All boxes come with the added option of security straps if you want them, just say so in the buyers notes and we will add them free of charge!

The moment we receive your order we begin working on the box. Processing usually takes about a day but can be upwards of three days depending on inventory. Once we have finished it we will ship it out that day! The best part is you pay for standard shipping but we cover the extra cost to ship it priority, you'll receive your purchase no more than 2 days after shipping!

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